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From the book: boys get it too

David-Sinclair Cassel and Florian Naumann

4562,5days after my birth and the volcanic suicidal of mother-dear, my freedom had finally come. At the tender age of 12ish, I eagerly packed my bags and ventured out on my journey of “the right to be happy”. There is just NO way of comprehending their motivation why my Jewish/Scottish family adopted 4 Maori half-casts in New Zealand. We grew up to be disciplined little soldiers obeying without question their every beckoning call in a privileged, well-to-do, threatening and powerful world of confusion and contradiction.My young years moulded and empowered me that no child deserves to be raised on fear, shame, terror, abuse, torture, torment and hate. I understood that in order to survive I had to protect myself, so the power of fantasy and creativity became my refugee in a reality that was harsh and unjust. My boy-life was surrounded by constant fear, and pain. What haunted and taunted me the most was my parent’s wrath and the preying eyes of all those greedy pigs who wanted to enjoy the tasty morsels of my boy-body. Like a caged starved submissive animal, I was trapped in an unhealthy, lethal environment, totally misplaced with no sense of belonging or acceptance. I was unable to fully comprehend and understand my reality but I sensed deep within side of me that something was terribly wrong with the world I was living in. The only way to survive was self-belief, slef-trust, determination, patience and the right to be happy.Proud to say that I choose the life of happiness, freedom and truth. I believed in the power of me and against all odds I never gave up. This led me to becoming a Motivation and Communication Expert, NLP Master, Strategic Life Coach, Company Director, Corporate Management Coach, Human Resource Manager, Personal Development Manager, Music and Vocal Coach, Strengthability Coach, Performer, Moderator, Presenter, Lecturer, Model, Aerobics Trainer, Language Teacher, Teacher – Primary to University and of course a Father and Husband with work-life experience in Germany, England, Australia and New Zealand.